Foot massage (45mn- 50€)

Deep relaxation

- Improves sleep

The connection that is established between the feet and the rest of the body helps to relieve anxiety and cause a state of deep relaxation.

- Strengthens the immune defenses

This technique helps to prevent the harmful effects of stress which, as you know, can cause serious health problems, both physically and emotionally.

- Rebalance all the organs

The massage of the feet makes it possible to solicit all the organs of the body. Indeed, the plantar arch has thousands of nerve endings. By applying prolonged and repeated pressure on specific areas of the sole of the foot, the massager stimulates blood circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage. This massage is ideal for relieving the effect of heavy legs.

- Blood improvement

Good blood circulation allows oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood to reach the cells of the body adequately.

Blood flow can also be affected by stress. A foot massage can help improve this problem and release all accumulated tension.

- Decreased cramps

Relaxing your feet with a massage helps strengthen the tissues and help lower lactic acid levels.

In many cases, excess lactic acid is responsible for cramps and muscle aches.