The massage studio

Located in the heart of downtown Aix-en-Provence (150m from the Place de l'Hotel de Ville), the wellness studio Ma bulle is a unique place designed to make you live a moment of relaxation and absolute plenitude. Thanks to a choice of soothing music, a soft and relaxing lighting and delicious scents, it is a cocoon of great quality in which you can cut yourself off from your rhythm.

The benefits of massage

My massage is "listening to the body", tailor-made, attentive and intuitive. It is a deep, enveloping, tonic and harmonious care. You get out of your quiet, reunited session, more relaxed and more attentive. It is also everyone around you who benefits. Each part of your body is neat, relaxed, nourished, the body is solicited with firmness but gently.


Massages neither therapeutic nor medicalized without any erotic character, respecting the modesty of the person massaged.

Octavie d'Hauthuille

"Do good to your body so that your soul wants to stay there"

Indian proverb


Somatotherapist, my approach is to listen to each other through presence and touch. My profession is more than a profession, it is a vocation, a passion, a source of fulfillment and personal enrichment. To be attentive to the body, to be attentive to the Being, attentive and available to the person, in all benevolence is what I am trying to do during each session.