Californian Massage (60mn - 90€ / 90mn - 130€)

Intuitive massage and listening to the body. Relaxing on the trapezius and the neck, soothing on the sternum, tonic on the legs and regenerating on the face. Great relaxing, fluid, enveloping, firm and reassuring movements all over the body, from the toes to the head. Work on the meridians. Relaxation, daily stress management and relationship improvement.


Practiced on the table with vegetable oil and essential oils appropriate to each part of the body. 


Massages neither therapeutic nor medicalized without any erotic character, respecting the modesty of the person massaged.

Prenatal massage (60mn - 90€)

This fluid, soft and enveloping massage adapts to the slow rhythm and hypersensitivity of the pregnant woman. The nervous system is disrupted so the work will focus on the points sorrows. This encompassing and gentle massage reduces edema, promotes circulation, relaxes and facilitates sleep, relieves constipation and heartburn, relieves headaches and calms the nervous system, it also restores energy.


In lateral position, it brings a deep relaxation, a soothing, a decongestion of the body and the face, sensitive and painful zones during the pregnancy. The legs are drained.


Neutral oil of sweet almond, sesame or shea butter. Rhythm advised once a month from the 3rd month and then every 3 weeks from the 6th month.

Postnatal Massage (60mn - 90€ / 90mn - 130€)

It is important to take care of yourself during this period as you did during your pregnancy.


This global massage, practiced from head to toe, meets the needs of the body after pregnancy. This gentle and deep massage, combined with good drainage and stimulation of specific points, will allow you to regain vitality, stimulate blood circulation, let go, promote the elimination of toxins, soothe and prevent the baby blues.

It's a moment to relax, to clear the tensions related to childbirth and lack of sleep.


I make every effort to provide you with a serene and calm deserved!


Neutral sweet almond oil if the mother breastfeeds. In the opposite case we can, if it wishes, use essential oils.

This massage is ideally done every 15 days from the 1st month (one and a half if Cesarean) until the 6th month after delivery. 

Child's massage * (30mn - 60€)

Accompanied by one of his parents your child can also enjoy the happiness of being massaged. This massage is an excellent tool to soothe a child, help him sleep better, be less tense, worried and simply also to know the pleasure of being massaged.


* from four to twelve

Massages bien-être non médicalisés respectant la pudeur de la personne massée et n’ayant aucun caractère érotique.