Massages or Chi Nei Tsang or Manual Lymphatic Drainage:


60 mn - 70 € (allow 75mn)

90 mn - 95 € (allow 110mn)


Child's massage:

30mn - 40 €


Foot Massage : 

45 mn - 50 


Student rate

60 mn - 50 €


BY APPOINTMENT Monday to Saturday.

Massages at home (maximum 5 km from Aix) and those after 19h are increased by 20 €.

Massages canceled less than 24 hours before are due in full.

Gift Voucher

Christmas, birthday, birth, wedding, mother's day or "just like that! The gift voucher, accompanied by your personal message, is valid for 6 months after the date of purchase. It is not refundable.

As practitioners of the FFMBE have as their intention and purpose the well-being of the person, the techniques practiced in the absence of diagnosis and therapeutic treatment do not resemble anything, neither in the contents nor in the objectives, in the practice of masso-kinesitherapy, as well as all medical practices.