Martine Zaugg ©
Martine Zaugg ©

I use only vegetable oils and essential of excellent quality and am extremely rigorous on this point. Your body will immediately benefit from the virtues of these oils that will act in depth and with resonance.


Essential oils make a massage more effective and more enjoyable. Their broad and powerful spectrum properties have amazing results. Used externally to loosen tight areas, relieve sore places, relax and improve organic functioning. Experience shows that many essential oils act on morale and psyche.


Their action is reflected among other things in conclusive results on insomnia, emotionality, anxiety, depression, irritation probably by a combined action on the heart rate, the nervous system and the hormonal system. In addition to these general effects, there are the psychological benefits of experience that depend on the "energy" of the plant and its characteristics.


The body is massaged with a vegetable oil mixed with essential oils adapted to your needs: circulatory, muscular, articular, relaxing ... The face is massaged with a vegetable oil of evening primrose, genuine balm of youth for the skin (mature or dry skin ) or with a jojoba vegetable oil (combination or acne skin). Expectant moms are massaged with a neutral oil such as sweet almond oil, sesame oil or with shea butter.